How to calculate shipping costs from China to USA?

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How to calculate shipping costs from China to USA?

Postby asjkjqwkjhj » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:36 am

When it comes to the international shipping, we always consider the shipping costs first. More often than not, it would influence our choice of freight forwarder. As we know, different international freight forwarders would offer different quotes for us. Of course, sometimes you can find a good freight forwarder who offers you competitive price. While sometimes you might be misled by a wrong freight forwarder which would cost you more money. Nevertheless, it is extremely beneficial for you to learn how to calculate shipping costs. Now let’s take the calculation for the shipping rates from China to USA for example.

Since the shipping rates from China to USA rely upon the commodity types, weight, transport distance, service and other requirements, we should know the basic forms of shipping rate first. For the shipping rate based on weight such as Postal rates, Express rates, generally it has the minimum cost. The shipping rate changes over the cargo weight, while if the real weight less than minimum cost, it will be charged by the minimum cost.

For the shipping rate that based on the distance, it mainly changes over the cargo distance and weight. For example, if you ship from China to two different countries, the shipping cost would be calculated according to the shipping distance. To help you get to know the shipping costs from China to USA, let’s discuss it from the different calculating methods for
international air freight and ocean freight.

For international air freight, there are four main types of air shipping cost which include General cargo rate, Special commodity rate, Class rate, and unitized consignments rate. Thus if you want to calculate the shipping cost from China to USA by air, you will have to find out which type of your cargo belongs to. As we know, the airlines establish different shipping rates respectively for three districts thus to charge the international air freight. The first district mainly is north and south Americas and Greenland. The second district is Europe, Africa and Iran etc. The third district mainly includes Asia and Australia.

For ocean freight, it is calculated by the freight tariff of Liner. Besides, different liner companies or shipping companies will set different freight lists. What’s more, liner freight includes basic rate and surcharges. For the surcharges, it mainly includes bunker adjustment, devaluation surcharge, transshipment surcharge, long length additional, and port congestion surcharge etc. Thus it you want to know the rough China freight cost to USA, you would better contact the shipping company to gain detailed information.
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